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For Chen shadowboxing " defend a root to protect arteries and veins "
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Xinhua net Zhengzhou on July 30 report (reporter Gui Juan) when world of Chen shadowboxing fashionable, boxer people in succession far cross the seas and oceans to discourse on an academic subject when passing a fist, shadowboxing of the first one or two takes the Wang Xian that spreads all over 30 many countries and area to Japan and Europe, footmark, rejected to go abroad however resident opportunity, rejected a temptation of month of 100 thousand U.S. dollor, stay in Chinese shadowboxing birthplace -- village of channel of Chen Jia of Henan province lukewarm county, become stay exclusively in home town to impart the Great Master of shadowboxing.

At the beginning of Ming Moqing, chen Wangting of village of Home Chen channel is on the foundation of gest of handed down from the older generations of the family, draw the essence of numerous home Chinese boxing, assemble " The Book of Changes " too extremely the manage of yin and yang and doctrine of main and collateral channels of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, guide bring the art that say offer to achieve made up a new fist to plant, call Chen shadowboxing. Current, it already transmitted 100 many countries and area, the person that be used to drills exceeds 100 million person, become the wushu campaign with maximum number is enlisted on the world.

"Drink a water of Home Chen channel, leg of lift up of metropolis lift up " , "Ninety-nine comes on, next coming that just met, can drill two tactics " . Suffer the villager people the influence of the wind of experienced fist, wang Xian loves experienced fist as a child, follow the 18th the acting Chen Zhaopi that send a person, Chen Zhaokui's Great Master learns Chen shadowboxing art. His kongfu has fast, fierce, clever, fragile characteristic, drilling covers a road to be like natural and smooth writing, extend easy, be good at the art of attack and defense in wushu especially, drop dozen cast put, power is striking, early or late 20 obtain the whole nation and Henan province shadowboxing to cover for many times road and the champion that shove a hand.

Last centuries 559 time, it is the period that lowest of shadowboxing of Home Chen channel falls, have fist of person be used to rarely, wang Xian looks to be urgent in the eye in the heart. After he held the position of vice secretary of Party branch of village of Home Chen channel to hold commando battalion commander concurrently 1968, bold put forward to rescue to village Party branch, restore, carry on, light is big Chen shadowboxing. His proposal received the approval of Party branch, before long, the village established spare physical culture school, wang Xian assumes the president.

Wang Xian sets, the villager trains centrally in courtyard of ministry of a large body of every morning, call-over everyday, experienced person writes down workpoint, not experienced person should buckle workpoint. Home Chen channel has 2400 much person at that time, this kind of incentive measure, make the villager of above of half the number is confused went up shadowboxing. Inside village edge, edge of a field, court, become the villager people the place of training, break archives, desolate shadowboxing for a time, heated up again rise.
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