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China comes loose dozen of 10 names are handsome
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Of China medicinal powder hit a project to begin a test from 1978, to now already 28 years. In these 28 years, china comes loose hit level rises gradually, medicinal powder hit a project to get increasingly the attention of people, more and more people begin understanding to come loose dozen, accept medicinal powder dozen, like to come loose dozen. China comes loose dozen also take door going abroad gradually, raise power world.
Come nearly 30 years, china comes loose the emerge in large numbers that make a group gave a batch to approve an athlete, their technology adept, physical ability is excellent, staged countless classic battle, some with small wrestle big, some biff get the upper hand of. The exciting match backside that act goes out in these dazzling athletes and them, it is silent cultivated trainer.
Medicinal powder the characteristic that hits project oneself decided to come loose as hit trainer to need to have than other sport project more quality, they should have scientific training medium, have solid culture inside information even; Want successive tradition not only, have even open included state of mind, the innovation spirit of bold acute meaning; Having actual combat capacity while, should have the wisdom that devise clever strategies and vision more.
Should wide readership requirement, this print is puissant plan " China comes loose dozen of 10 names are handsome " special subject, selected name comes loose 10 times handsome making trainer is active still come loose in home hit the our country on arena to come loose hit firm rock in midstream. They have respective experience, different nature, fostered the athlete of different style, bring up those who go out to belong to oneself only is brilliant. (it is foreword with the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet of surname below)

Guan Jianmin -- indefectible national group bishop is experienced

This is one teems with a hero but the times that turns over a hero again. In this times, make a person successfully yearning already, make the person suspects again, be overturned possibly at any time flimsily so. People is right of legend tumble down to mind already not strange, be in very easily also face apparently perfect when suspicion unceasingly. However Guan Jianmin, this China comes loose the founder that calls myth, use him 10 years however medicinal powder dozen teach experience modelled indefectible gold body.

The numerous sports item such as traditional wushu, volleyball, track and field, javelin, boxing, tumble crosses in the contact hind, guan Jianmin secures his life coordinate for a long time in medicinal powder make this item. He gifts the train of thought on other item and experience of old and new fighting spirit medicinal powder dozen, the acknowledge that these comprehending by analogy comes loose in development for him a relatively vast space was provided in hit process, also accumulate in the experience of relevant project just about in, the understanding that makes Guan Jianmin is hit to coming loose can stand higher than the ordinary person.
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