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The 4th generation passes Yangshi shadowboxing person Yang Zhenji
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Yang Zhenji, the traditional Chinese calendar is unripe on June 20 1921, ancestral homeHeibei provinceAlways year village of stockaded village of prefectural Yan door. Great-grandson of buddhist of Yang Lou of Yangshi shadowboxing author, too extremely great master Yang Chengfu second child, the 4th generation passes Yangshi shadowboxing person.
Father Yang Chengfu, Tang Shuyang is followed namely since Yang Zhenji is 5 years old Zhao Peng learns shadowboxing of Yangshi of authentic handed from the master directly, then follows eldest brother Yang Shouzhong (Zhen Ming) learn a fist and go to southern each district to impart together boxing art. 1948, by Guangdong Zhongshan county one in hire for " country method is regular adviser " , teach Yangshi shadowboxing. The person that therewith learns a fist has student and industry of teaching and administrative staff not only, still have socially all circles personage, in Guangzhou one belt and circumjacent area produce very big effect.
Yang Zhenji arrived 1950 branch of Dan of Han of Chinese China gauze works, experienced shadowboxing of be used to still holds to during labour beyond, still impart to the colleague beside and friends at the same time shadowboxing art. The fifties end, li Xuefeng of the first secretary invites bureau of Ying Hua north, yang Zhenji transfers into Heibei saves body industry group, hold the post of shadowboxing full-time coach. Go to Beijing,
Tianjin, Qingdao and other places teachs a fist to the unit such as straight mechanism of province of bureau of central China north, Heibei. The person that learn a fist has senior leader cadre already, wait like Li Xuefeng, Lin Tie, Liu Zihou, also have each common cadre stuff of large institution.
Solve the confine besides 10 years of Culture Revolution, yang Zhenji at going up end begins the century to impart afresh external seventies shadowboxing. Especially since reforming and opening, pei Xiurong of he and madam is in early or late
Han Dan city, Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Nanning, Zhongshan, Dalian and other places holds shadowboxing to groom class 130 beyond period, student more than 16000 person-time. Half many century comes, divide outside doing a class formally to award a fist, beg a learned man plus other means, accept Yang Zhenji to impart directly shadowboxing person already exceeded 20 thousand person-time. His influence still transmits world each district, The United States, England, Australia, Japan, Germany, the shadowboxing lover of a few countries such as south Africa comes round in succession call at sb's house does obeisance to division attend school. He still goes to the United States and Hong Kong and other places to impart in person shadowboxing art. As a result of his indefatigable effort of a few years, promoted the transmission of shadowboxing and development greatly in the whole nation and whole world. Yang Zhenji is highborn, pass greatly really inside the home. His father, when Yang Chengfu of the person that contemporary Yangshi shadowboxing finalizes the design died 1936, yang Zhenji is 16 years old, right now he already followed father and Yang Zhaopeng of hall father's younger brother (of Yang Ban Hou child) learn a fist 11 years. After father dies, he follows again eldest brother Yang Shouzhong (Zhen Ming) continue to teach a fist to south.
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